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        BASF helps meltblown non-woven fabric manufacturer in Korea branch out into new area of business


        ??Irgatec??improves air permeability as well as higher long-term thermal stability of PP meltblown non-woven materials

        Hong Kong – September 6, 2018 – Korea Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd, a polypropylene (PP) meltblown non-woven fabric maker in South Korea, has launched new single-use scrub wipes using BASF’s rheology-modifying additive Irgatec?. The wipes can offer a more hygienic alternative to conventional materials.

        By adopting BASF’s solution in their production, Korea Nonwoven Technology (KNT) has been able to develop a new meltblown non-woven grade which has better barrier and mechanical properties than conventional meltblown grades. This new meltblown grade was initially launched for filter applications and now KNT is developing it for further business growth. One such area is single-use scrub wipes.

        With consumers placing a high emphasis on health and hygiene, single-use scrub wipes for indoor and outdoor use are growing in popularity. The single filaments possible with Irgatec are thinner, stronger and more flexible than those of existing technology. The resulting stronger fabric improves cleaning efficiency compared to existing materials like paper, spunbond non-woven and conventional meltblown grades.

        “Our additive enables customers to produce high-end non-woven fabrics with unique properties economically,” said Hermann Althoff, Senior Vice President, Performance Chemicals Asia Pacific. “The key benefits for non-wovens made from Irgatec include enhanced barrier properties, as well as improved mechanical properties in meltblown fabrics and cost savings due to flexibility in raw materials.”

        “With BASF’s rheology-modifying additive we were able to launch a new meltblown grade of high quality single-use scrub wipes which are better in terms of strength, elasticity and thickness,” said Mr. Kwang-il Kwon, CEO of KNT. “This has made us a leader in the Korean market.”

        Meltblowing is a one-step process in which streams of molten polymer are subjected to hot, high-velocity air to produce a web of microfibers. The ability to form a web directly from a molten polymer without controlled stretching gives meltblown technology a distinct cost advantage over other systems. These fine fibers provide an exceptionally high surface area, suitable for (or: which benefits) multiple applications.

        Irgatec allows a controlled rheological modification of the PP for nonwoven applications. It is highly efficient at extrusion temperatures exceeding 250 °C and therefore particularly suited for PP meltblown applications. Such fabrics do not irritate the skin and, therefore, are suitable for many hygiene products, such as diapers, cleaning wipes, filtration products, and medical applications.


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