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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        Review?Data Analysis of Buildex China 2018


        Buildex China2018 has closed successfully. Here is the comprehensive review&data analysis of it.


        Features for Exhibitors

        ? New Products & Technologies Promotion

        ? Brand Promotion & Enhance Popularity and Position

        ? New Dealerships & Agents

        ? Main Products Promotion & Increase Sales

        ? Potential Domestic Client

        ? Expand Networks & Cooperation Chances

        ? Meeting with Existing Clients & Strengthen Relations

        ?Industry Exchanges & Developments


        Overseas Visitors


        --75% Asia?? 10% Europe???? 7% Americas?? 5% Oceania??? 3% Africa


        Working with Authorities

        We work with Branch of China Water Supply and Drainage Association for Engineering Construction Standardization and China Society of Water Engineering, which bring a large number of visitors from designing institutes to bridge among the building water industry.


        B- Invitation of Counterpart Field Visitors

        One-to-one Buyer Service Center research into our super database and invite targeting customers for the exhibitors through the whole year, including home decoration companies, designing institutes, real estate developers, water heating pipeline dealership, construction installation companies, HVAC installation companies, commercial and public construction owners. Etc.


        C- Invitation of Group Buyers

        Cooperation with over 60 industry associations, designing institutes, real estate developers and installation companies, which bring over 3000 visitors and buyers to the exhibition site each year.


        D-VIP VIP- buyer Group

        VIP-buyes from home and abroad came to the exhibition with procurement requirements for water purification equipments, wall hanging stoves, air source heat pumps, PPR pipes, steel pipes, non-negative pressure water supply equipments, sewage lifting equipments, oil-water separation equipments, fire pumps, membranes, TDAF to help exhibitors to obtain more accurate buyers.


        Product Analysis


        Visitor Profile


        (From left to right)

        ? Designing Institute

        ? Equipment Manufacturer

        ? Construction Installation Corporation

        ? Decoration Company

        ? Agent/ Distributor/ Merchant

        ? Government

        ? Agricultural/ Water Conservancy

        ? Real Estate/ Hotel/ Commerial Complex

        ? Terminal User


        Review from exhibitors

        We have participated in AQUATECH CHINA for many times, but it is the first time for us to participated in BUILDEX CHINA. The theme of BUILDEX CHINA is pipes and related fittings, which match the products of our building piping system. This is an important reason for us to participate in it. In recent years, we have witnessed the growing scale of BUILDEX CHINA and the increasing number of its professional visitors. The visitors of BUILDEX CHINA mainly came from real estate enterprises, designing institutes and decoration companies which are our target customers. Besides, the organizer also hold the match meetings between exhibitors and the purchasing managers of decoration companies. This is a good opportunity for us to communicate with purchasing managers face-to-face.

        —Shanghai George Fischer Pipeline System Co., Ltd.

        Jin SHAO Sales Manager|Cold& Hot Water Retail Department of East CHINA

        BUILDEX CHINA is the exhibition that we have always been paying attention to. After several years of development, its influence in the industry is getting bigger and bigger, and almost all famous enterprises of pipes and fittings from home and abroad take part in it. In the past, we rarely participate in the exhibition. But this year, in order to build our company’s brand image and enhance product publicity, we worked with BUILDEX CHINA and selected a booth in the core exhibition area. During the three days, we communicated with hundreds of customers who were interested in our products. We were surprised, the exhibition result was beyond our expectation.

        Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

        Gangfeng JIN|Brand Manager

        Conferences & Forums— Communication, Brainstorming, Grafting

        The 3rd China Decoration Enterprises Procurement Summit

        Kitchen Oil-Water Separator Theme Forum

        Shanghai·China Sponge City Forum

        Yangtze Delta Water Supply and Drainage Designers Conference (Hot Water)

        New Products & Technologies Launching






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