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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        CUW2019 —-smart solutions for power, water& gas


        China Utility Week (CUW) is originated from world renowned Global Utility Week series. CUW inherits the excellent quality of Utility Week through 5 continents and 20 years. In China, it is currently the only industry event that combines exhibitions and conferences, focusing on technologies (Internet, IOT, big data, cloud computing and etc) for the application and smart solutions in power and energy, water, gas and other utilities. Many international first-line brand companies are involved in, covering the entire industry chain of smart energy. CUW focus on industry hotspots and development trends, and is committed to accelerating technological innovation to promote the efficiency of China’s energy and utilities, realizing the sustainable development of energy

        CUW is a combination of exhibition areas, Summit for industry strategies and development trends discussion, Hub for actual industry solutions analysis and Initiate! Startup and Young talent program. Around 100 industry leaders and experts from all over the world would present their speeches, share wisdom and vision and analyze global industry landscape, as well as cutting-edge technologies and market trends in CUW.

        CUW gathers energy institutes, government agencies, network operators, suppliers, consultants, system integrators, startups, end-users and decision makers from both home and abroad, providing a preferred platform for energy industry professionals to expand their business, share innovative technologies and solutions and communication


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