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Drylet’s technology selected to remediate algae infestation in Florida



HOUSTON, TEXAS (SEPTEMBER 19, 2018) –?Drylet’s award-winning technology Aqua Assist has been selected to rid waterways of algae blooms in Florida.

Through the efforts of local technology provider BBC Solar and More and its partner LM Technology, Aqua Assist is to be applied to a first site identified by the City of Stuart. The Martin County coastal town, which is connected to Lake Obeechokee via the St. Lucie River, has been dealing with the algae infestation of its surrounding waters. Foul-smelling and toxic, algae blooms harm aquatic life and have led to multiple Atlantic beaches in and near Stuart being temporarily closed out of public health concerns.

Efforts to address the crisis thus far have been unsuccessful. Drylet’s technology can remediate then prevent algae blooms in the first place because it targets the problem at the source.

“Drylet’s range of biocatalyst products allow for the effective removal of algae by cycling nutrients away from algae to other beneficial microbes in the ecosystem. Our technology also allows for the clean up of toxins and harmful chemicals,” said Drylet Chief Operations Officer Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi.

Drylet’s microbe-delivery platform consists of inorganic, chemically inert, porous particles, loaded with beneficial microbes at a very high level of concentration. The technology has been used for several years in a broad range of applications, including remediation of algae and aquaculture systems. In the case of algae bioremediation, the technology works by releasing an abundant and steady flow of beneficial bacteria that starve the algae and cyanobacteria of nutrients?(cyanobacteria produce microcystin toxins responsible for killing wildlife and sickening humans.)

The award-winning technology is demonstrably non-toxic to the environment and aquatic life. Class 1 and non-GMO, the microbes are carefully selected in this case for their ability to perform in fresh and brackish water.

“We are especially proud of the recognition of our product as a validated and verified solution for environmental remediation by the Environmental Protection Agency, through our listing in the National Contingency Plan,” Dr. Fabiyi pointed out.

Drylet is excited about the opportunity to support the restoration of Florida’s waterways to a pristine state. Together with BBC Solar and More and LM Technology, the company is looking forward to collaborating with the City of Stuart and its community in order to ensure the successful remediation of algae blooms in their ecosystem.


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