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Chinese Expanding Market For Water Sector Technologies

When it comes to environment, no country generates such bittersweet superlatives as China, the country that has been plagued by pollution perhaps more than any other country. But very few know that China is now at the forefront of the renewable energy transition, and has an ever-growing market for water sector technologies.

As a result of rapid economic expansion and urbanization, China faces severe water challenges of water scarcity and water pollution (rivers, lakes and groundwater) in many parts of the country.

A vast legacy of infrastructure and common practice that treats water as a freely available consumable commodity for use and for waste disposal is at the root of the problem. In order to face the issue, China is starting a transition to water efficient, clean technologies and a circular economy. Much of the policy framework for achieving this in the water sector was set out in the 2011 No 1 policy document on Water Reform, the revised Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law, (last revised 2017), and the Environmental Protection Law, 2015. These, together with supporting regulations and guidelines, establish a system of setting quotas and targets for water resources use, pollution load controls, water efficiency, permitting and enforcement with penalties. We hope that these guidelines could encourage the innovation and application of new technologies that will further make it possible to propose new and more advanced policies, that will in turn force the development of more advanced technologies in the field of water treatment.

International businesses with technology products wanting to access the emerging market for water sector technologies in China face many challenges, and this is why we hope that attending WieTec 2019 could be a perfect chance for overseas visitors to network, discover and exchange new ideas with the local exhibitors at the various booths and pavilions.

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