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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        Hangzhou Dredging Program

        As Chinese economy is rising, Chinese cities are slowly but steadily becoming more environmentally aware and sustainable. There are many new laws and regulations that have taken effect in the last few years that drive compliance with quality standards and set out massive investment programs to achieve these.

        In order to make its water bodies cleaner and the environment more beautiful, the city of Hangzhou has implemented the dredging program. So far the program has achieved remarkable results, and it has proven to be especially successful in treating contaminated strong-smelling water bodies around the city.

        In recent years, the water pollution is considered to be the most urgent environmental issue that the city is facing, causing severe diseases every year.

        Data shows that some 6.8 million square meters of the city’s water body has been dredged already in the past years, and it is expected that another 3 million could be dredged by the end of this year, and the city has the ambition to effectively remove the contaminated sand from the rivers and lakes, and restore the natural balance of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in 2020.

        Hangzhou is not the only city facing severe challenges of water pollution, and the water management has become an integral part of overall sustainable urban planning of many other Chinese cities.

        These challenges are all driving opportunities for European companies to engage with Chinese partners to supply equipment, infrastructure and services. WieTec 2019 is a perfect opportunity for our overseas visitors to discuss those challenges with the local exhibitors at the various booths and pavilions.

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