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        What Is The Role Of Secondary Sedimentation Tank?

        Considered an increasingly critical topic of global concern, wastewater treatment is something industrial manufacturing operations can address with any number of existing, efficient and effective systems.

        Today we will talk about the secondary sedimentation tank, which is one of the most commonly used items in the sewage process, and it is used in the final phase of the sewage secondary biological treatment. It allows the microorganisms and other solids to settle after secondary or biological treatment. This sludge is pumped back into the inlet end of the primary sedimentation tanks and settles with the raw sludge. At this stage the BOD may be reduced to approximately 75 – 80% of the inffluent level and suspended solids are removed.

        Sewage enters the two ponds where the muddy water is separated so that the mixture of biological treatment can be clarified, while the sludge in the mixture is condensed. If the two ponds are not properly connected, even if the effect of biological treatment is very good, the quality of effluent water will still not be ideal. If the effect of sludge concentration is not good, the decrease of aeration mixture concentration will influence the sewage treatment quality. Don’t miss WieTec2019 to learn more about this process and other similar topics.

        With its educational and diverse program that includes over 100 forums and events, the 2019 edition of WieTec is a perfect opportunity for our visitors to learn more about sewage process and many other topics related to civil and industrial environmental protection, water engineering, various air and water quality solutions etc.

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