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        10 Easy Ways To Save The Planet


        By now we all know that planet is in crisis – from climate change to the pollution in our air and oceans and devastation of our forests. It’s actually quite terrifying how we’re no longer just looking for planets in terms of scientific curiosity, but because we’re probably going to need another place to live if we don’t immediately start taking care of our planet and the species on it.

        But it’s up to all of us to do something about it. You probably wonder what you can do to help save our planet.

        Here are 10 tips:

        1. Recycle
        2. Grow your own garden
        3. Purchase energy efficient appliances – replace all your old home appliances with energy efficient ones. They will pay for themselves in the long run. Energy efficient appliances are better insulated and save energy, such as new water heaters, thermostats, heat pumps, air conditioning, washing machines. Also, when you buy doors and windows for your home, look for energy star ratings and other energy saving features.
        4. Swap your clothes with friends instead of buying new clothes
        5. Carpool or use public transportation
        6. Think green every day of the week
        7. Bring your own shopping bag to the supermarket
        8. Carry your own water bottle
        9. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
        10. Pressure food suppliers to use non-plastic packaging


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