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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        Water Entrepreneurs Forum


        Rapid urban development in China came at the expense of lakes, rivers and other natural water bodies. Traditional water scarcity solutions, such as dams, reservoirs and other types of man-made infrastructure, are proving too costly and unsustainable. In order to create water security, we must look to fundamentally change the way we use and manage water, and this exactly is the aim of the Water Entrepreneurs Summit Forum, hosted by China Water Enterprises Confederation as part of WieTec 2019 expo platform.

        Previous water conservancy projects have brought tremendous benefits, but also created many ecological, environmental, and social problems, which is why China’s future water conservancy development is facing tremendous challenge of supporting the continuous economic development while protecting the water resources and the dependent ecosystems. The forum is an important water management industry networking event that?focuses on topics such as water infrastructure construction, investment and financing, latest national water conservancy policies and industry trends, and strategic transformation of water conservancy construction enterprises, etc.

        The forum is especially beneficial for land managers, hydropower operators, conservation groups and corporations who will need to gather their forces to find a solution to today’s greatest water challenges.

        The forum will cover many important industry topics, such as:

        -Latest National Water Conservancy Policies and Industry Trends
        -Water Conservancy Development Plan for “The 13th Five-Year Plan” Period
        -Water Infrastructure Construction, Investment and Financing
        -172 Major Water Conservancy Projects Construction Progress
        -Countermeasures and Measures to Promote High-Quality Development of Water Conservancy Enterprises
        -Strategic Transformation of Water Conservancy Construction Enterprises
        -Latest Management Innovation and Reform of Water Conservancy Enterprises
        -Discussion about Water Conservancy Enterprises Development
        Difficulties and Latest Issues
        -Water Conservancy Enterprises Ideas and Experience Exchange
        -Distinguished National Water Conservancy Enterprises and Distinguished Water Conservancy Entrepreneurs Recognition for Year 2017-2018


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