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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        RCO Catalytic Combustion Equipment


        “Protect the blue sky” is a new very important slogan adopted by the national authorities. Some new goals regarding the air pollution were set for the year 2020, and we will need to face many challenges in order to reach these goals.

        YL-GECO has wide application range, low maintenance cost, remarkable energy saving features, and it doesn’t create any secondary pollution. The product also has good customer reviews. Electric heating & gas heating can be switched on/ off, purification efficiency can reach up to 97-99%, which makes it suitable for dyeing, printing, and other high pollution industries.

        Electrically heated RCO catalytic combustion equipment uses catalysts to oxidize and decompose the combustible components in the harmful gas, to produce non-toxic small molecule inorganic matter at a lower ignition temperature. Organic waste gas and organic steam are oxidized and decomposed to generate carbon dioxide and water, and release a large amount of heating energy, so as to achieve the purpose of removing organic waste gas. Its main structure is composed of core exhaust gas purification device, induced draft fan and control system. The waste gas purification device includes a dust arrester, heat exchanger, preheater, and catalytic combustion chamber.

        This is the fifth generation of the energy-saving RCO catalytic combustion equipment produced by the local brand named Rhyme Blue (YunLan Huan Bao). The product has been well received both locally and internationally. Adsorption concentration +CO catalytic combustion is considered a great advantage. The current environmental protection industry highly recommends exhaust gas purification technology, activated carbon adsorption + catalytic low temperature combustion in the treatment of mixed exhaust gas.


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