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Brand-new Panda House Powered by Grundfos


Two pandas were sent from China to Copenhagen ZOO where they will settle into the brand-new Panda House powered by Grundfos.

The gesture is a symbol of great Sino-Danish friendship, and illustrates the special bond between Danish Grundfos and China. Pandas are considered a national treasure in China, and this gesture doesn’t surprise us, as Grundfos has forged strong links with China over the years. Until the 1980s, the wastewater management infrastructure in Chinese cities was virtually neglected. ?Fast-growing areas in China were facing several severe environmental challenges. Many cities were home (and still are) to several chemical, agricultural, and heavy industrial companies, and apart from enormous quantities of domestic wastewater, these industries have contributed to the excessive pollution of the water bodies. Grundfos offered reliable and innovative range of pumps and sustainable and economical solutions for wastewater treatment plants for some of the fastest growing urban areas in China. It is very rare that pandas are sent to other countries, so this is indeed a humbling and great honor.

The 4000 square meter Panda House in Copenhagen ZOO is designed by architecture company BIG and financed by a range of Danish companies and foundations, including Grundfos.

Grundfos has supplied 15 MAGNA3 circulation pumps and one PUST pumping station to regulate heating, cooling and water, which includes a stream running through the complex.

Installation work has been carried out in cooperation with installer company C5 VVS & Ventilation A/S. For Grundfos, the project was a chance to ensure comfortable surroundings for the pandas in a setting, which emulates the animals’ natural surroundings.

“I am not sure we have ever delivered solutions for pandas, but together with ZOO, designers and installers, we have worked hard to ensure they will enjoy their new home. I feel privileged that we were able to back this project and contribute our knowledge and products to such a fantastic complex, designed with a great focus on animal welfare,” says Brian S?rensen, Sales Director, Grundfos.


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