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        China’s Water Treatment-related Measures Timeline


        After the government carried out the measures aimed at improving China’s water treatment in the past decade, starting from 2011, China has gradually improved water quality in terms of total pollution emission and heavy metal pollution control.

        In 2013, the state began to advocate the use of recycled water. In 2015, the ten water treatment-related measures were subsequently adopted. For the first time, it was proposed to strengthen the pipe network construction and promote sludge treatment and disposal. In May 2015, China also clearly pointed out that the PPP model should be promoted in the field of water pollution prevention and control, and proposed that the comprehensive improvement of the environmental drinking water sources should be of paramount importance for the PPP promotion. In 2017, China has proposed to establish a system of river chiefs, operating on the provincial, city, county, and township levels. Moreover, water administrative law enforcement efforts have been continuously intensified.

        In the past ten years, China’s rural sewage treatment and urban sewage treatment measures have been simultaneously carried out. Water environment treatment policies have been strengthened, the scope of treatment has been expanded, and more and more methods have been adopted.

        The protection of water environment is possible not only on national and social level, but also on a personal level. Through changing our mindset, we can all start from doing little things to contribute to the water environment conservation.

        Water Treatment- related Measures in the Past Decade


        一 :2011年10月20日


        1、October 20, 2011

        Overview of Main Environmental Protection Production Enforcements



        2、December 20, 2011

        12th National Environmental Protection Five-year Plan Announcement

        三: 2012 年 3 月


        3、March, 2012

        Technical Guidelines for Investment in Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Projects




        4、July 4, 2012

        Environmental Monitoring Measures



        5、October 2, 2013

        Town Drainage and Sewage Treatment Regulation


        六: 2014年5月16日


        6、May 16, 2014

        Improving Rural Living Environment Guidelines

        七: 2015年4月17日


        7、April 17, 2015

        Water Pollution Action Plan


        八: 2015年5月06日


        8、May 6, 2015

        Cooperation between Government and Social Capital in Water Pollution Prevention and Control



        9、December, 2016

        “13th Construction of Urban Sewage Treatment and Recycling Facilities Five-year Plan”

        十:2016 年 12 月


        10、December, 2016

        The 13th Comprehensive Improvement of Rural Environment Five-year Plan


        十一: 2017年6月27日


        11、June 27, 2007

        People’s Republic of China Law on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution




        12。 September 15, 2017

        Issuance of Enterprise Income Tax Catalogue (2017 edition) for Special Equipment for Energy and Water Conservation and Environmental Protection Announcement

        十三: 2019年2月18日


        13、February 18, 2019

        The General Office of the Ministry of Water Resources Issued a Notice on the Key Water Conservancy Policies and Regulations Work Points in 2019

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