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Future of China Rural Sewage Treatment Development


China explores rural sewage treatment models that include integrated urban sewage pipe network while taking in consideration the factors such as geography, economic conditions and lifestyle of rural areas. However, the insufficient funds for the rural areas are behind poor operation and management of its sewage treatment facilities. To overcome the problem, by 2020 more funds will be allocated to rural areas, and the operation and management of its sewage treatment facilities will be adapted to the local conditions.

The biggest challenge of the rural sewage treatment industry is the operation of the sewage treatment facilities. At present, less than 10% of the rural areas in China have built sewage treatment facilities. In order to accelerate the rural revitalization and construction process, a variety of rural sewage treatment models have been explored, including centralized rural sewage treatment and decentralized rural sewage treatment, urban sewage pipe network model and sewage and toilet integration model, which is becoming a common treatment model in many rural areas.

According to the principle of “adapting to local conditions” for rural sewage treatment in China, it is necessary to combine specific conditions, topography and economic conditions of the rural area, and to adopt one or more models to treat rural sewage.

Furthermore, due to high operating costs and the lack of professional and technical support and daily maintenance, many sewage treatment facilities built in rural areas are practically useless. It should be noted that some poor areas are not able to withstand high sewage treatment costs. These factors prevent long-term and stable operation of the rural sewage treatment facilities. Without sufficient financial support, it is difficult to implement any development strategy in the plan.

In order to promote the development of the sewage treatment and the resource utilization in urban and rural areas, Aquatech China (as part of WieTec), in cooperation with All-China Environment Federation, has created a platform for the solutions for the urban and rural environment problems. The expo will be complemented by “China Rural Wastewater Treatment and Operation Development Conference (VSDC)”. The conference will explore the development stages of the rural sewage industry, various development models, stable operation and technical scheme standards, and rural and urban sewage treatment, and it will provide the industry’s economic evaluation and prospects and investment strategies for rural and urban sewage treatment that will help shape more sustainable rural China.



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