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Working Smart for Environmental Protection


Rapid economic expansion and urbanization over the last 30 years have brought tremendous benefits, but also posed many adverse impacts on the eco-environment and society. As a result, smart environmental protection is gradually becoming an integral part of everyday life in many big Chinese cities. The development of smart environmental protection and smart monitoring equipment are of paramount importance for the future of the Chinese smart cities. In 2013, China launched the first smart city pilot project and paved the way for the integration of the Internet of Things in environmental management. The ultimate goal of smart environmental protection is the comprehensive environment monitoring network that would allow an integrated control platform system for environmental management.

Smart environmental protection is primarily focused on environmental monitoring, which offers an analysis of environmental parameters such as atmosphere, water and soil, and then transmits the data to the terminal collection server. The terminal collection server transmits the data to the management monitoring center through the internet network, and finally realizes remote environment monitoring.

As a result of the “13th Five-Year Plan” environmental protection policy and the development of the ICT technology, China’s smart environmental protection industry is witnessing a steady growth. According to the estimates of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the industry scale in 2018 was 52.1 billion yuan, achieving year-over-year growth of 10.91%. However, compared with the entire tens of billions of environmental protection market, the smart environmental protection industry market is quite small, but with recently amended environmental protection laws, there is huge room for growth in the future. Environmental monitoring is crucial part of smart environmental protection industry development, because it is the basis for controlling environmental parameters and evaluating the effects of environmental protection policies. In fact, it is estimated that next year the market size of the environmental monitoring industry will reach 74 billion yuan.




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