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        Surge of Sewage Treatment Industry in China


        As a result of the government’s water quality improvement targets and stricter environmental protection standards, China has witnessed the surge of the urban sewage treatment industry. In the past ten years, the number and scale of urban sewage treatment plants in China have been increasing. From 2007 to 2017, the number of sewage treatment plants increased from 1000 to nearly 5000, with a total treatment scale of nearly 20 million tons per day.

        However, “black and odorous water”, or water containing extreme levels of dissolved nitrates, phosphorus and oxygen, is still very common in many areas around the country, especially areas in the northeast such as Liao and Songhua which were found to be even more polluted than in 2017, according to Reuters.

        According to Jia Haifeng, Tsinghua University Environment Department Associate Professor, there are more sewage treatment facilities in the economically developed areas, but less in the West and North of China where environmental requirements have not yet been established.

        Released in May 2019, the “Three-year Action Plan for Improving Quality and Increasing Efficiency of Urban Sewage Treatment” (2019-2021) suggested three-year action implementation plans to meet water quality improvement targets and improve the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment.

        With stricter environmental requirements and government’s intentions to invest more money in sewage treatment facilities, there is certainly a bright future for the water treatment market in the coming years. The market analysis suggests that the manufacturers of sewage treatment and water quality monitoring equipment are expected to further expand the number of orders. The market of water pollution prevention and control, including the renovation and maintenance of pipeline network and the treatment of urban “black and odorous water”, will also show an upward trend.

        In order to adapt to higher sewage treatment standards, here at WieTec we want to create a perfect platform for the urban and rural environment solutions that will help shape more sustainable China.


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