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WieTec 2020

25th-27th, Aug. 2020

National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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WieTec 2020 International Smart Water Forum


WieTec 2020 International Smart Water Forum focuses on transformation of traditional water industry and innovation and upgrading of products, technologies and services in water industry, and explores the advantages of emerging information technologies and the overlap of Internet of Things and smart water industry. The forum helps water companies reduce operating costs and draw their attention to smart management and services.

Furthermore, the forum emphasizes the importance of the Internet in modernizing manufacturing sectors, while improving the visibility and competitiveness of high-quality products in the water industry and strengthening the quality of water drinking and the management of pipe network. The main focus is on the value and creative aspects of China and Asia’s smart water industry. Representatives from water administration, associations, water companies, water utilities groups, water engineering enterprises, designing institutes, research institutes, product suppliers will gather and discuss the approach to creating “smart network” throughout the whole industry chain involved in water supply, water usage, drinking water safety, water drainage, river regulation, water quality monitoring and comprehensive utilization of reclaimed water in the water sector. ?The goal of WieTec 2020 International Smart Water Forum is to bring people from the water treatment industry together and to provoke discussion about widespread application of big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things in water technology.

WieTec 2020 International Water Forum is a two- day event being hosted by CHC Expo. Please let us know by the end of January 2020 whether you would be interested in speaking. Contact: tena@chcbiz.com

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