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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        What to expect at WieTec 2020


        WieTec is a large-scale exhibition platform dedicated to environmental protection industry, with special focus on digital transformation of environmental technology, which is a main theme of the 2020 edition. The event is hosted by All-China Environment Federation, China Instrument Industry Association, Shanghai Instrument Association and CHC Expo, and it offers a perfect opportunity for industry professionals to exchange their ideas about business and technology, and find the way to coordinate them with the latest policies of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. The total scale of the exhibition is expected to exceed 25,000㎡, and it will showcase the products in the fields of smart technology, environmental monitoring, instruments and accessories, smart water management technology and systems, third-party environmental services, etc. The exhibition is complemented by industry conferences such as International Smart Water Forum and National VOCs Governance and Monitoring Summit Forum. The exhibition will integrate policy, industry, market, technology, capital, and many other topics. This is one of the leading events in China for smart digitalization and smart monitoring & management industry in the fields of water, air, solid waste/hazardous waste, soil, noise, sanitation and other areas of environmental protection.

        Other topics of WieTec 2020 include “three wastes” treatment, local and international environmental protection policies, and urban water supply and drainage. The event will encompass all clean technology growth areas including energy, waste, water, air and built environment. The exhibition is complemented by forums and events delivered by prominent policy-makers and international green-tech industry experts that will explore industry’s cutting-edge technologies and innovations, and allow our visitors to collaborate, be educated, and be inspired.


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