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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        New WieTec Exhibition: Intelligence & Environment China



        We live in a time where smart products are replacing analog and mechanical systems and automating the world. Smart products deliver comfort and convenience while improving efficiency at the same time. From manufacturing point of view, smart products can increase factory utilization, reduce unplanned downtime and enable predictive maintenance. We wanted to enable our visitors to fully explore the possibilities of digitalization in environmental industry, so we expanded Intelligence & Environment Monitoring exhibition zone into a whole new exhibition: Intelligence & Environment China (Hall 4.1).

        Intelligence & Environment China (Shanghai) is hosted by Shanghai Instrument Association and CHC Expo, and it offers a perfect opportunity for industry professionals to exchange their ideas about business and technology, and find a way to coordinate them with the latest policies of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. In 2019, the exhibition gathered 3,401 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions, and 99,464 professional visitors from 115 countries and regions. From June 3-5, 2020, WieTec will take place at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao). The total scale of the exhibition reached 25,000 square meters, and it showcased the products in the fields of smart IoT systems, environmental monitoring, instruments and accessories, smart water management technologies and systems, third-party environmental services, etc. The exhibition is complemented by the industry benchmarking meetings, such as Forum on International Smart Environmental Protection Industry Development, International Smart Water Forum, National VOCs Governance and Monitoring Summit, etc. The exhibition will integrate policy, industry, market, technology, capital, talent, and many other topics. This is one of the leading events in China for smart digitalization and smart monitoring & management industry in the fields of water, air, solid waste/hazardous waste, soil, noise, sanitation, and other areas of environmental protection.

        As part of WieTec exhibition platform, Intelligence & Environment China?is taking place at the same time as six other WieTec exhibitions: AQUATECH CHINA, FLOWTECH CHINA (SHANGHAI), BUILDEX CHINA (SHANGHAI), COMFORTECO, ECOTECH CHINA AIR (SHANGHAI) and ECOTECH CHINA WASTE (SHANGHAI). We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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