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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        WieTec 2020 Exhibitors Participated in the Construction of the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals Through Donations Part 2

        With the spread of the pneumonia epidemic in China caused by a new type of coronavirus infection, all sectors of the society have offered their help. WieTec 2020 exhibitors participated in the construction of the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals through donations, and helped the city of Wuhan through some practical actions. At present, Huoshenshan Hospital is already officially running, while the Leishenshan Hospital is almost completed.


        Chengdu Management Industry was first established to provide services for the Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital renovation project.

        Huitian New Materials provided 10 tons of high-performance building structure products to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and supported the hospital construction for free.

        Hao Ze provided 100 air purifiers to Wuhan Lei Shenshan Hospital.

        Green Island Wind donated the required ventilation equipment products to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.

        Haoting Fresh Air donated millions of Greenland ductless fresh air systems and 5000 smart electric masks to the first line of epidemic prevention in Wuhan.

        A.O. Smith donated a virus-free air purifier worth 10 million yuan to support hundreds of designated hospitals nationwide.

        Midea’s home air conditioners donated air conditioning products such as the required ventilation system and circulation system to Huoshenshan Hospital, as well as all the required home appliances. In addition, Midea Group donated RMB 100 million to the Hubei epidemic area, designated for procurement of emergency medical supplies; and donated 500,000 medical masks to Guangdong.

        Honeywell has announced $ 1 million worth of supplies to fully support Wuhan Hospital in fighting the new coronavirus. The donated materials include air purification and water purification products, ICU air management system; scanning and printing equipment for hospital management, and Honeywell children’s cute pet masks donated to Wuhan school.

        Haier supplied a biological safety cabinet protection guarantee to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital; it sent sterile supplies such as sterile masks, protective clothing, sterile gloves, surgical gowns, and isolation clothing to Wuhan.

        BES (China) Trading Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to the affected area in Hubei through the Shanghai Red Cross.

        Panasonic Corporation’s Northeast Asia Company urgently confirmed a donation of 1 million yuan to the China Red Cross Foundation to purchase medical masks, protective clothing, goggles and other anti-epidemic materials.

        Daikin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan for the purchase of protective clothing, masks, disinfectant and other medical protective supplies.

        China Yixing International Environmental Protection City Corporation—Guangdong Haiyi Group donated 1 million yuan for the epidemic prevention and control work.

        Yidasi (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. donated the metering pump for electromagnetic diaphragm pharmacy dosing, which will be used in the preparation system of chlorine dioxide disinfection solution necessary for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.

        Senle Purification (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. donated 100 sets of original T280 air sterilizers to the hospital in Wuhan.

        DuPont donated a total of 16,000 pieces of protective clothing. At the same time, DuPont will also donate probiotic products worth more than 800,000 yuan.

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