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Technology Vs Coronavirus


Here at Wietec we believe that technology is helping transform industries. Combined with human expertise, technology can help fight new diseases, like the pneumonia caused by Coronavirus.

New and mature technologies, like AI and analytics, are used in healthcare and medical research to help fight diseases that might spark global healthcare crises.

In this article we talk about how tech giants such as Baidu and Alibaba assist in the battle against Coronavirus. With scientists working hard to find out cure for this deadly virus, Alibaba and Baidu have opened up their gene sequencing AI tools to help them find a solution.

Alibaba has partnered with The Global Health Drug Discovery Institute from Beijing, to develop an open-sourced data platform to track coronavirus using AI. Alibaba offered its tools to other institutes to speed up research on viral gene sequencing, protein screening, and other potential solutions for prevention. These tools will be available for labs working on the research.

Another Chinese tech giant Baidu offered its RNA prediction algorithm called LinearFold to genetic testing agencies, epidemic prevention centers, and scientific research institutes around the world. Its LinearFold algorithm has reduced prediction time to study coronavirus’ RNA secondary structure from 55 minutes to just 27 seconds.

Other international giants are also trying to help to control the outbreak. Google has launched an SOS alert and information related to the virus in the search, and Facebook and Instagram are actively scanning posts that spread misinformation.

AI has also replaced human cleaners at segregated wards to reduce infection rates. The cleaning robot developed by Shanghai Lingzhi Technology can work nonstop for over three hours, spraying disinfectant on self-navigated routes in hospitals.

Baidu and Intellifusion said their AI technologies are being used at temperature checkpoints at airports and railway stations in big cities to reduce waiting time and lessen the risk of contagion.

Chinese internet company Qihoo 360 has partnered with NoSugar Tech to introduce platform that lets users check if they have recently travelled with someone who contracted the new coronavirus. According to local media reports, more than 21 million people used the service within two days of its launch.

China has taken numerous actions to limit exposure and to minimize the spread, but even routine activities, such as shopping and delivery, are now a concern. Thankfully, drone technology might offer some assistance. China has employed other innovative ways to use drone technology to fight the virus. In alliance with Guangzhou-based agricultural drone company XAG, drones are dispersing disinfectant spray over large areas. The sprays are targeting public spaces such as bus and train stations to reduce surface contact spread of the coronavirus infection. This use of drone is highly efficient because drones can cover more than 16,000 square meters quickly.

Humans are not fighting alone! Drones and robots are helping us every day to combat the coronavirus, and reduce the risks of infections sharply.


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