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        WieTec 2020

        25th-27th, Aug. 2020

        National Exhibition & Convention Center(Shanghai)

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        Why Visit

        WieTec 2020, which will cover display area of ??260,000 square meters, consist of 7 thematic exhibitions and 38 pavilions. It will not only attract 120,000 professional visitors from more than 115 countries and regions, but also will bring together 3,900 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions.

        The on-site cutting-edge technologies and products were involved with the municipal, civil and industrial sectors, such as sewage treatment, sludge disposal, water engineering, waste gas treatment, solid waste disposal, environmental monitoring, ecological restoration, industrial pure water, civil purified water, air purification, fresh air system, building water supply and drainage system, HVAC system, as well as membranes, instrumentation, pumps, valves, pipelines, pharmaceuticals, sterilization and disinfection equipment and other major equipment and related components. All these mentioned above offered a wide range of environmental protection technologies and service solutions along the whole industrial chain. In addition, through the cooperation with a number of international environmental innovation technology organizations, associations and industry media, WieTec launched nearly 100 forums and events, which help visitors communicate with senior experts and elites face-to-face, gain insights into classic cases and popular technology applications, and grasp the value of new industry concepts and new technologies ??in advance, thereby contributing to business cooperation and career development! This three-day splendid event is worth to experience by all industry professionals!


        Highlights of WieTec 2020

        ? 7 thematic exhibitions and 38 pavilions in display area of 260,000 square meters

        ? 3900 leading brands and 120,000 global visitors

        ? A new product launch platform designated by 300 international exhibitor brands

        ? Latest technology trends and solutions in environmental protection industries

        ? Environmental protection services for 28 end-user industries

        ? Collaborating with multiple international innovative organizations focusing on the solution to the environmental technologies

        ? Over 50% of exhibitors are international green tech industry brands

        ? Over 70,000 green tech products on display

        ? Nearly 100 forums and events focusing on the latest industry innovations and technologies

        ? Networking with 120,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions

        ? Match-making meetings with more than 500 suppliers covering the entire industry of environmental technologies


        Brand Exhibitors (Part)

        For industrial sector,leading brands like Jingjin, Kintep, Piller in waste water treatment industry, Dupont, Suez, Hydranautics in membrane industry, Grundfos, KSB, Andritz in pumps/pipes/valves industry, Munters, HJS, Nichias in waste gas and solid waste industry, Chuanyi, Sipai, Danfoss in environmental monitoring industry;and for civil sector,leading brands like Ecowater, Canature, Senwater in water purification industry, Panasonic, Zehnder, Broad Air in air purification industry, Conex Banninger, Aqua-Scie, ?Zhengkang in hot water system industry and Pentair, Bosch, Honeywell comfortable household industry will join WieTec 2020 and display their latest technologies and products.


        38 Theme Exhibition Zones


        38 Grasp the Industry Trend, WieTec 2021 Contemporaneous Summit Meeting

        Multiple high-quality summits in the themes of “Three Waste Treatment (Waste Water, Waste Air, Solid Waste), Global Policy of Environmental Protection, and Urban Water Supply and Drainage”for industrial sector and the themes of “Eco Comfortable Model House (Water Purification, Air purification, Hot Water System)” for civil sector will be carried out. These summits will provide each participant with cutting-edge technologies and environmental information, delivering the solutions to the current issues of the industry.

        Industrial Conferences

        ? International Smart Water Forum of WieTec 2021

        ?Industrial Water Leaders Forum (IWLF)

        ?National Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Odor Pollution Control and Monitoring Technology Case Analysis and Supply & Demand Conference

        ?China Village and Town Sewage Treatment and Operation Development Conference (VSDC)

        ?Yangtze River Delta Architectural Water Supply and Drainage Design Conference

        Civilian Use Conferences

        ?2021 Green Hotel Air & Water Purification Technology Innovation Forum

        ?China Fresh Air System Application Technology Forum

        ?WieTec 2021 ? Environment Day | Eco Comfort Model House Show

        Click here and check more conferences


        Match-making Activity

        The match-making activity will take place at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center during WieTec 2020. The activity mainly serves as the meeting of products and technologies. Visitors will have the chance to sit face to face with local export exhibitors and find business opportunities.

        What kind of products you will meet during the match-making:

        ?Waste Water and Drainage


        ?Supply Water

        ?Solid Waste& Waste Gas

        ?Accessories(Valves, pumps, pipes, others)

        ?House Living( Drinking Water, Heating, House Air)


        Overseas Visitors Package Benefits

        ?One-on-one VIP Matchmaking Opportunities

        ?One-day Factory Tour

        ?Visa Application & Airport Shuttle Bus Service

        ?Accommodation Arrangement

        Click here and check more details of the package


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